Specialists In All General Oilfield Maintenance, Services, and Hazardous Substance Removal

About RMR, Inc.

R.M.R. Inc. is a general engineering contractor specializing in general facility maintenance and services as well as mechanical construction including piping, plant turnarounds, plant demolition, and site restoration.   The company has worked for various city, county, utility service districts, state and federal agencies, installing pipelines, tanks, buildings as well as repairing roadways, stream beds, and culverts. The company is a financially sound corporation having shown steady, continual growth since 1975. 

The company is located in the Santa Maria Valley and is minority owned and operated.  We have performed work as far south as Los Angeles and as far north as Redding.  Management personnel are professionals with an experience average of over 20 years, and our labor force experience averages 8 years.  We are interested in servicing all your California operations.

RMR, Inc.'s primary business plan objectives are:

Minimize risk and loss to it's company and customers.

Maximize net profits within competitive margins.

Current and Previous Projects and Services Include:

In association with a California Certified Environmental Laboratory and qualified sub-contractors, R. M. R., Inc. provides the following services.
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Contractor's License #535800 A HAZ HIC

P.O. Box 1715
Santa Maria, CA 93456

Phone: (805) 928-4013
Fax: (805) 922-0833

24 Hour Emergency Response for Oil Spills / Hazardous Materials, Contact: Mario Perea